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Cohasset is located on the “corner” of the South Shore, where greater Boston Harbor ends and Massachusetts Bay begins, just 20 miles south of Boston. Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse and its distinctive 1-4-3 flash cycle (the “I-Love-You” light) is located just off the shore and is just one example of the charm of this seaside New England town. The town has made conservation a central pillar of the community as seen in the many parks and recreation areas such as Wompatuck State Park, Whitney & Thayer Woods Reservation and Wheelwright Park near Little Harbor. Along the shore line of Cohasset are facilities for sailing, boating, beaching, nature areas, and quality restaurants. Cohasset’s village center has the ideal New England look and feel with beautiful picturesque views. The village center and common includes historical buildings and landmarks in between the specialty shops and restaurants. Cohasset is just a short drive from Boston with access to a variety of modes of transportation such as the commuter railway, commuter boats, and Route 3A which bisects the town allowing for an easy driving commute, making it a great and convenient location to both live and visit. Cohasset is surrounded by the towns of Hingham, Hull and Scituate as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

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