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Custom Marketing Plan

All too often the approach towards marketing a home is similar to the approach one takes in marketing a commodity. A home is not a commodity. A home is a facet of a lifestyle. We approach marketing with a mindset towards lifestyle. We ask ourselves and our sellers what it is about this home and this community that provides a lifestyle? We then, with the help of the seller, create a custom marketing plan to highlight the way the home enriches the lifestyle. Our customized home marketing plan is based on the premise that a buyer first envisions a lifestyle and then, all other decisions are made with a goal towards achieving that lifestyle.

Here are the strategies that we use to market your home:
  • Homeseller’s Insight
  • Home Staging
  • Property Website
  • Internet & Social Media Marketing
  • Real Estate Agent Network
  • Neighbor Network & Neighborhood Insight
  • Customized Additions
  • Professional Photography
  • For Sale Yard Sign
  • Multiple Listing Service
  • Print Advertising
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Broker Tour
  • Public Open House
  • Custom Website
  • Community Information