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Kingston is a coastal town located 35 miles southeast of Boston. Originally part of Plymouth, Kingston was first settled by Europeans shortly after the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock in 1620. In the early-to-middle 19th century, Kingston flourished as a center for shipbuilding, as well as ice harvesting. Kingston is home to the longest continuously run boat yard in North America, now named the Jones River Landing. Kingston lies on Kingston Bay, an inlet to the larger Plymouth Bay. There is a state forest in the town, located in the southern portion of the town which is commonly used for biking, off-roading, and hunting. Kingston is also the site of Gray’s Beach, in a neighborhood called Rocky Nook, just north of the Plymouth town line. Kingston saw its largest population growth in the 1990s when the Old Colony Railroad was reopened as a commuter rail line, connecting once-rural Kingston with Boston, making Kingston an even more viable place for commuters to live. There are also 3 highway exits in Kingston allowing direct driving access to Boston or Cape Cod. There are 2 elementary schools and regional Silver Lake middle and high schools as well as a public library.

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